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Here’s Why

ThinkShare organizes your CBI or PBL course across sections.

Your small group leaders have the flexibility to release content progressively when it’s appropriate to each small group.

Students have direct access to digital content on their own devices.

Anyone in the group can record the deliberations (including pictures of the white board) as well as their own thoughts. 

ThinkShare provides a lasting record of the step by step progress of each group’s work on each case.  Students can go back and review what they learned at any time.

Here’s How

Anyone in the group can take notes in their own response box on ThinkShare, or one person can be assigned to take notes.  Notes can include pictures of the whiteboard or links to relevant information on the internet.

Your admin creates a course with sections and assigns multi-step cases (challenges) to them.

Your small groups meet under the guidance of a leader.  Everyone opens the next challenge on their device.

When the leader is ready, they push a button to release the next step.

Pricing is $49 per seat per year for courses of 100 or more seats. 

Contact us for a free pilot.