Imagine a place where everyone’s voice is heard

Imagine a place where people work side by side

Imagine a place where you can

Imagine …

How does ThinkShare work?

1 - Think

A leader creates a group and challenges. Members of the group receive invitations to work the challenges side by side.

2 - Share

As a group member, you enter a response to the challenge, and then you can view all of the other responses made so far. You're free to revise your own response or to continue to later steps in the challenge. You get the credit for what you think, and you get to learn from and build on each other’s diversity of approaches to the challenge.

3 - Solve

The group comes together to discuss. It's high yield because everyone is prepared and everyone knows what each other is thinking. Now you can use your face time productively to discuss differences, combine the best of everyone's individual creativity, and solve the challenge.

ThinkShare is a Peer-to-Peer Learning Platform.

People learn from watching each other in the same level of engagement with a challenge. It leads to natural questions like "Why did you do it that way?" and "What search terms did you use to find that?" Then each person takes what they've learned back to their own problem solving. With ThinkShare, people learn and work side by side in an atmosphere that balances the individual with the group.

ThinkShare is not groupware.

You don’t come to a single group answer. Instead, each member is responsible for a complete solution that you share and consider. The result is more creativity and individual empowerment.

Group discussions can go so fast and be so mixed up that you just crave some time and space to think. ThinkShare gives you that time and space, and it levels the playing field when you meet face-to-face so that everyone can work together better.

ThinkShare is for Everyone.

Our Awesome Team.

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